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New movers are a highly profitable market – and one you should be reaching out to.

Approximately 40 million U.S. households move every year.

  • They spend an average of $9,000 in the couple of months just before and after their move.
  • They are evaluating discretionary purchases, including goods and services, as well as insurance and financial products.
  • Many are trying new products and services – and changing their service providers.

If you want new movers to think of you first when they’re settling in and spending money to put services in place, you must reach out to them before your competition does. And you must engage them before they make crucial buying decisions.

60% of new movers cite direct marketing materials as preferred resources in their decision making.

Using various means of one-to-one targeting and our integrated channel approach, HF Direct helps our clients engage new movers quickly, while delivering a more personalized, interactive experience. Offline, direct mail continues to capture attention as it can be vastly creative, highly targeted, easily individualized, and it serves as a great medium for presenting a message or offer. Plus, new movers will have contact information at their fingertips when they’re ready to act. The same accuracy and effectiveness of direct mail can be brought online with IP Targeting, where multiple display ads can extend the impact of your message.

When it comes to reaching new movers, HF Direct will give you the edge.

Call David Johnson at 205.735.7881 to learn more about our New Movers Program.

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