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Working together, multiple channels can advance your marketing approach.

85 billion pieces of direct mail are sent through the United States Postal Service each year and 167 billion emails are sent daily

Does this make you think emails are the marketing wave of the future? It should make you think the opposite:

Less volume in the mailbox increases the chance that your mail piece will get noticed!

With less clutter and an attention-grabbing mailer from you, it’s more likely that your targeted recipients will take notice of your message or offer. Plus, it provides a nice response mechanism as your contact information is readily at hand. When you want to reinforce your message and stay top-of-mind, however, it is a good idea to leverage multiple touch-points.

Integrating direct mail with digital mail, you can reach recipients while they’re on the go, wherever they are.

Whether your audience is snail mailing, emailing, surfing, texting, tweeting, or posting, keeping your message frequently visible will have an incremental impact on results.

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