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Referrals are a great way to acquire new customers at a low, or no, cost to you.

  • Customers choose up to 45% of service businesses based on the recommendations of others
  • 90% of consumers trust their friends’ recommendations

HF Direct’s Online Customer Referral program allows you to reach exponentially more prospects through email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Your customers can sign up for the program on our online registration portal, branded for your company and then share the program with friends online. We’ll then gather the data, link customer and friend information, track qualifying participants, and issue rewards. Your customers’ incentive to participate? A gift card, cash, etc. for both the referrer and the new customer.

Your customers have the potential to be your strongest sales force. They already believe in your products and services, so when a friend asks for a suggestion for a better checking account, insurance policy, healthcare practitioner, retail store, etc., they’re going to tell them about you. When you implement a rewards-driven customer referral program, you incentivize your customers to share what they love about your business. And when you take your customer referral program online, you’re meeting your customers where they work and play.

At HF Direct, we’ve been managing successful customer referral programs for our clients for years. We’re offering the best of all worlds, including in-store promotion, direct response, and online marketing, to create a referral program that encourages customers to share – and be rewarded.

Want to learn more about our Tell-Your-Friends online customer referral program?

Give David Johnson a call at 205.458.8312 or email

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